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Acting for a Reason
Ashraf Barhoum
Start Date:
July 4, 2024
End Date:
July 7, 2024


10:00 am -
5:30 pm
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About the Workshop:

“Acting for a Reason” is a four-day masterclass experience, offering a complete package of tools, exercises, and information that assist talents and performers - in cinema and theatre - to initiate and develop their careers and make stronger influences in their work achievements. The masterclass experience focuses on three significant goals. The first goal is to assist participant talents in establishing a profound relationship with the origins of acting and performance, meeting them with the essences and dimensions of the craft and improving their awareness of themselves and their creative self-abilities. The second goal is to improve the professional abilities of talents, assist them in knowing better the essential tools of acting and using them properly, and master the work process to reach efficient and engaging results in acting performance. The third goal is to guide the talents to manage their careers in the cinema and performance arts industry, strengthen their mental approach, and raise their awareness of the multiple challenges they might face through their careers, even assisting them in allocating work opportunities and making successful auditions.

Target Audience: Directors, Actors
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Notes: Workshop Participant Number up to 12

Workshop Host(s):

Ashraf Barhoum

Ashraf is a well-known actor, born and raised in Galilee, originally a Palestinian. After graduating from theater study at Haifa University in 1999, he started his successful career. He appeared in The Syrian Bride (2004 ); In Paradise Now (2005), by EFA winner Hany Abu Assad, and in Lebanon (2009) by EFA winner Samuel Maoz. Barhom had much attention for his performance as Colonel Faris Al Ghazi in The Kingdom (2007), alongside Oscar-winning Jamie Fox, directed by Peter Berg. Another notable work was his role as the monk Ammonius in Agora (2009), directed by Alejandro Amenábar, as Cassius in Coriolanus (2011) with Ralph Fiennes. Ashraf has won two awards as best actor for his role of Radi in The Curve (2015) by Rifqi Assaf at Malmo's Arab Film Festival and Tiburon Film Festival. He played in the TV series Tyrant of FX as President Jamal, which had a significant success; other important projects to be mentioned are Scales, Farha, and The Stranger. His most recent work is “Exodus”, a thriller bringing the journey of a smuggler and a refugee child, and Passing Dreams with Rashid Masharawi. Besides his work is as an Actor, Ashraf working as a director, and soon, his new Documentary Film Tell Me Tarshiha will be released. Furthermore, he is developing various projects as a producer and scriptwriter.

The registration will be closed on Tuesday, June 25th, 2024 11:59 pm
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Acting for a Reason
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