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The film revolves around Saad, a unique individual who decides not to join the army during the 8-year Iraq-Iran war. Instead, he escapes conscription and seeks refuge in a bookstore where his friend Salam works. Saad remains hidden in the store's basement for an unexpected 6 years until Salam loses contact with him. Determined to start anew, Saad ventures out on August 8, 1988, unaware that he will be tragically shot the day before the ceasefire.

Director’s biography

Ahmed Al-Sammar, born on August 18, 1994, has a Diploma in Office Management from the Central Technical University and a BA in Film Directing from the University of Baghdad. He has attended film workshops about criticism and directing. Alsamar directed his first short film 8.8.88 which won second prize at the Faculty of Arts Film Festival. He has also worked as a cameraman for a documentary film and as a second assistant cameraman on the teaser for Abraham's Journey.

Screening Date & Time

August 19, 2023
8:00 pm
TAJ Cinema 5
August 21, 2023
6:00 pm
TAJ Cinema 4
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8.8.88 - Poster
Director: Ahmed Al-Sammar
Genre: Drama
Year: 2022
Duration: 15 minutes
Rating: 16+
Country: Iraq
Language: Arabic (Iraq)
Subtitling: English
Screenplay: Mohammed Ali Sarhan
Cast: Abdullah Fairuz, Ali Mohammad
Cinematography: Muhannad Al-Sudani
Editing: Mohammad Kazem
Production: Ahmed Al-Sammar, Kish film Iraq
Awards: Second Prize in the Festival of the College of Fine Arts, University of Baghdad, Department of Cinema
Début Status: World Première
ملخص الفيلم
سيرة المخرج

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8.8.88 - Poster
السنة: 2022
التصنيف: 16+
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