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“Heroic Bodies” explores the various forms of the Sudanese Women’s struggle and resistance to take back their God-given rights to their bodies as well as establish their rights of existence in their societies and communities. Through utilizing body politics techniques in political resistance, through demonstrations, civil disobedience, and hunger strikes, they expose themselves to imprisonment and torture. Their revolution is reflected in their pursuit of the right to Education, enrolment in scientific training, in Public Health and Midwifery, breaking the social norms by becoming artists and Entertainers, as well as embracing a Matriarchal Religion of women worship like “Zar”, where women are allowed to let their bodies run wild.

Director’s biography

Sara Suleiman is a UK-based Sudanese Filmmaker. She is the founder of “Fenti (Dates in Nubian Dialect) Productions” an Independent Film Production House. Her first feature film Heroic Bodies had its world premiere in IDFA (2022) and was selected in the “Frontlight” section. It’s the first Sudanese feature film to be selected in a section in the history of IDFA. The film also won the Audience Award in Malmo Arab Film Festival 2023.

Screening Date & Time

August 17, 2023
9:00 pm
Rainbow Theatre
August 18, 2023
10:00 pm
TAJ Cinema 3
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Heroic Bodies - poster
Director: Sara Suliman
Genre: Feature-Documentary
Year: 2022
Duration: 95 minutes
Rating: 16+
Country: Sudan
Language: Arabic (Sudanese Dialect)
Subtitling: English
Screenplay: Sara Suliman
Cast: Aya Tariq, Yassin Raief, Ahmed Raief, Aya Ahmed Yousif
Cinematography: Mohamed Adlan, Muaz Osman, Masour Omer, Salah Nasser, Kalid Awad, Ladan Anoushfar, Mohamed Subhi, Faris Mohamedin
Editing: Emad Maher
Production: Fenti Productions
Awards: Audience award (Malmo Arab Film Festival) & selected in “Frontlight section” IDFA
Début Status: Jordanian Première
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سيرة المخرج

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Heroic Bodies - poster
السنة: 2022
التصنيف: 16+
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