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When a child spots a young woman playing the accordion in the street, he falls under the spell of her performance and begins chasing her from one corner to the other, driven by his passion and fantasy of becoming a musician himself. But in a place where dreams are banned, how close could he get to making his own a reality?

Director’s biography

Houssam Hamo is a director, screenplay writer, producer and musician based in Latakia - Syria, born in Aleppo. He has a bachelor's degree in architecture. He began his career by composing and playing music, and then he had a chance to write the screenplay for my first music video, SIEGE. He had his first experience as a director, for his second music video VOID. Hibernate, his first short film and it has been selected in 18 film festivals around the world and won two awards (best short film and best director), and It was nominated for the Crystal Pine award for the best film and best music score in ISFMF/ Croatia

Screening Date & Time

August 20, 2023
6:00 pm
TAJ Cinema 4
August 21, 2023
10:00 pm
TAJ Cinema 4
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Hibernate - Poster
Director: Houssam Hamo
Genre: Drama
Year: 2022
Duration: 14 minutes
Country: Syria
Language: Arabic
Subtitling: English
Screenplay: Houssam Hamo
Cast: Rayan Boubou, Farah Moussan, Elias Nassour, Rita Al-muhammad, Abd Massa, Nawar Alhasan, Yehya Mona
Cinematography: Touma Bittar
Editing: Touma Bittar, Houssam Hamo
Production: Houssam Hamo
Awards: Best short film award - Cinemana film festival in Oman, Best Directing award - Cine Café film festival in Taza/Morocco
Début Status: Jordanian Première
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Hibernate - Poster
السنة: 2022
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