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The film takes place during the Syrian conflict, where a missile destroys the ceiling of the house of -14year-old Zeina. As a result, she sleeps for the first time under the stars and makes friends with Amer — the boy next door. When the violence escalates, Hala – Zeina's mother – decides to leave. She then gets into an argument with her husband, Motaz, who refuses to become a refugee and tries everything to stop his family from leaving their house

Director’s biography

Born in France, Soudade Kaadan is a Syrian director who studied theater criticism at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and graduated from the Institut des Etudes Scénique, Audiovisuelles, et Cinématographiques (IESAV) of Saint Joseph University in Lebanon. Her first feature film, The Day I Lost My Shadow, won the Lion of the Future Award at the Orizzonti Competition of the Venice Film Festival and the Jury Prize at the LA Festival. Also, her short film Aziza won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 2019

Screening Date & Time

August 16, 2023
10:00 pm
TAJ Cinema 6
August 18, 2023
6:00 pm
Rainbow Theatre
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Poster - Nezouh
Director: Soudade Kaadan
Genre: Drama
Year: 2022
Duration: 104 minutes
Rating: 13+
Country: France, UK, Syria
Language: Arabic (Syrian Dialect)
Subtitling: English
Screenplay: Soudade Kaadan
Cast: Kinda Alloush, Samir Almasri, Hala Zein, Nizar Alana
Cinematography: Helene Louvart, Burak Kanbir
Editing: Soudade Kaadan, Nelly Quettier
Production: Yu-Fai Suen, Soudade Kaadan
Awards: Audience Award - Armani Beauty (Orizzonti Extra), Venice International Film Festival, Lanterna Magica Award, presented by Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali (CGS), Venice International Film Festival, Amnesty International Award, MedFilm Festival
Début Status: Jordanian Première
ملخص الفيلم
سيرة المخرج

مكان وتاريخ العرض

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Poster - Nezouh
السنة: 2022
التصنيف: 13+
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